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First PresidentPresident
Born in a hospital
To use electricity in the White House
To survive an assassination attempt in which he was actually wounded
To be known with two middle initials
To shake hands rather than bow
To appoint a woman to his cabinet
To throw out the opening pitch at a Baseball game
To campaign over the telephone
To release a full report of his annual checkup
To live in the White House
To be photographed
To be impeached
Born west of the Mississippi River
To not represent a political party
To receive a Nobel Peace Prize
To be a Boy Scout
To resign from office
To visit Albania
To name an African American to his Cabinet
To be a Rhodes Scholar
To have a Christmas tree in the White House
To ride a steamboat
First PresidentPresident
To have a telephone in the White House
To not be born a British Subject/Born a US Citizen
To have a bathtub with running water
To preside over a meeting of the United Nations Security Council meeting while still on office
To be married in the White House
To have a veto overridden by the Senate
To wear trousers rather than knee breeches
To give a speech on television
To be prevented from running for a 3rd term due to the 22nd amendment
To establish a National Park
To have a White House Thanksgiving
To wear a beard
To speak over the radio
To pass a general immigration law
To pay off the National debt
To light the national Christmas tree on the White House lawn
To never be married
To earn a Ph.D.
To have never been previously elected to any other public office
To be left-handed
To die in the White House

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