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First PresidentPresident
To have a White House Thanksgiving
To resign from office
To campaign over the telephone
To release a full report of his annual checkup
To not represent a political party
To name an African American to his Cabinet
To have a bathtub with running water
To never be married
To pay off the National debt
To be prevented from running for a 3rd term due to the 22nd amendment
To visit Albania
To have a veto overridden by the Senate
To establish a National Park
To throw out the opening pitch at a Baseball game
To have a telephone in the White House
To survive an assassination attempt in which he was actually wounded
To live in the White House
To appoint a woman to his cabinet
To shake hands rather than bow
To have a Christmas tree in the White House
To have never been previously elected to any other public office
To be known with two middle initials
First PresidentPresident
To preside over a meeting of the United Nations Security Council meeting while still on office
To be a Boy Scout
To use electricity in the White House
To ride a steamboat
To be photographed
To die in the White House
To be a Rhodes Scholar
To wear trousers rather than knee breeches
To speak over the radio
To receive a Nobel Peace Prize
To wear a beard
To be married in the White House
To light the national Christmas tree on the White House lawn
Born west of the Mississippi River
To not be born a British Subject/Born a US Citizen
To be impeached
To be left-handed
Born in a hospital
To give a speech on television
To pass a general immigration law
To earn a Ph.D.

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