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Can you name the words you can type with only one hand?

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Stocking holder or harmless snakeleft
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles homeleft
Belarusian city, formally -Litovskleft
Indian social organization systemleft
Latin right; also, hit Showtime serial killerleft
Blue-and-gold flagged Scandinavianleft
Hughes: 'What happens to a dream ________?'left
Worry; guitar neck note dividerleft
Black and white equineleft
Star Wars' Darthleft
Magical or superstitious property ascribed an objectright
Supermodel Heidiright
'Elder' Roman historianright
1988 Beach Boys comeback singleright
Sermon, particularly at Catholic Massright
Goddess, Internet Service Provider, or teen pregnancy comedyright
Weasel relative prized for its furright
Smallest finger; Brain's idiot companionright
City government slang abbreviation; also, San Francisco public transportright
Nutty Professor's surnameright

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