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The first section of your research paper.
The second section of your research paper.
How many pieces of evidence must you have for each reason?
How many reasons must you have for your opinion
What is the second section of your introduction?
What is the final section of your introduction?
When is your research paper due?
What kind of line spacing must you use in your research paper?
What type of font must you use?
What size of font must you use?
What size should your tabs be?
What size should your margins be?
Do you have to include a header in your essay?
In your conclusion, what is the last thing you must add?
What do you call the opposing argument that you must add to each body paragraph?
How many different essay formats did Mr. Taylor give you (think about the cheat sheets)?
What must the last page of your essay be?
What must the first page of your essay be?
Your works must be cited alphabetically according to what?
In the bottom section of your title page, what should be on the first line?

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