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AnalysisA-Lack of Blood
DiagnosisB-Operating room
ManiaC-dissolution, breaking up of chemical compounds
MetamorphosisD-against a given thing, poison
AnemiaE-a sudden stroke
EctopicF-a downward tone, stupor
AppendicitisG-knowing completelydetermination of a disease
SymbiosisH-bad intestine
AntidoteI-out of place
AnestheticJ-grown in,fetus
ProphylaxisK-excessive in tension
ApoplexyL-under the skin
CatoniaM-to change in form
HypertonicN-abnormal in the mind
EmbolismO-around the heart
ParanoiaP-advance protection
AmohitheaterQ-living together of two or more orgainisms
EmbryoS-a skin disease
HypodermicT-a drug producing anesthesia
DysenteryU-the plugging of an artery or vein
PericardiumV-swelling or inflamation of the appendix

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