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Water Spell
Ron Had To Use This Spell To Pass His Driver's Test
Hermione's First Public Romance
Snape Grew Up Here
A Dead Body Reanimated By A Wizard
Town Near The Burrow
Who Kills Nagini?
Charm That Makes Someone A Secret-Keeper
Dumbledore's Childhood Friend
French School Of Magic
The Diadem Was Destroyed Using...
Antidote For Most Poisions
Famous Tavern In Hogsmeade
Killing Spell
Harry's Middle Name
Luna's Father
Remus Lupin's Nickname
Bill And Fleur's House
Name Of The Harry-Supporting Radio Station?
Wizarding Prison
'Ginny' Is Short For
Killed To Make the Cup Horcrux
Molly Weasley's Maiden Name
To Get Into Ravenclaw Tower You Must Answer A...
Ginny's Pet Pygmy Puff
Dumbledore Destroys His Ring
Harry's Birthday
Nagini Possesses Her Dead Body
Disarming Spell
Network of Travelling Using Fireplaces
Hagrid's Giant Spider
Harry's Date to the Yule Ball
Harry's Blood Status
Joke Shop Before Weasley's
Summoning Spell
Mr. Longbottom
Tree That Destroys Arthur's Car
Famous Magical Sweet Shop
Mrs. Longbottom
Voldemort's Mother
Dursley's Neighborhood/Town
Tea Shop In Hogsmeade
She Suggests 'Dumbledore's Army'
Harry/Dumbledore Both Lose Loved Ones Here
Spell Used To Heal Minor Injuries
Magical Hosptial
What Language Do Goblins Speak?
Lily Potter's Maiden Name
Framed For The Murder Of Tom's Grandparents and Father

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