Which Disney Couple Defines Your Relationship?

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Do you want to find out which Disney couple your relationship is most like?

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What is your idea of the 'perfect date?'
Going ice skating to romantic music
Taking a hike through the woods to see the animals
Sharing a meal at one of the finest restaurants in town
Spending the evening watching fireworks
Just messing around, playing games all day
Taking a swim under the moonlight
Waltzing together on the dance floor all night
Taking a walk through a beautiful meadow, talking
Sitting together and reading books
How did you get together?
They came over one day unexpectedly and I just couldn't control myself
We sort of just happened upon each other one day
It was love at first sight
We were polar opposites, and enemies at first, but we soon fell in love
They interested me, and soon we found out we had so much in common
We've known each other since childhood, and something just clicked
We're both hot, so why not?
We met and just started talking. Now everyone says we're the cutest couple
We got quite tongue-tied when we met, but we didn't do anything about it for a while
What's your favorite Disney duet to sing together?
Once Upon a Dream
So this is Love
A Whole New World
Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
I'm Wishing/One Song
I See the Light
Love is an Open Door
If I Never Knew You
Something There
Which Pixar movie most defines your relationship?
Brave - Pride can get us into a tussel, but we always forgive each other
Up - We'll be together until death do us part
The Incredibles - We will always fight by each other's side, even though we may fight ourselves sometimes
Cars - Life is a highway for the both of us. We're constantly having ups and downs
Ratatouille - When working together, we can accomplish so much more
Finding Nemo - Not even the ocean can keep us apart
Monsters Inc. - One of us may get into a jam, but the other always is ready to help
WALL-E - It doesn't matter that we're of two different social classes, we are still in love
Toy Story - Though we're in a relationship, we're also best friends
What are you like around each other?
We're so romantic, it kind of grosses out our friends
Sort of awkward, especially in public. We're kind of new at this
We're constantly poking fun at the other's expense, but it's just another way of expressing love
We act as if we don't know each other and hang out with our individual friends
We're adorably cute, and everyone loves us
It's all casual. We don't have to be all over each other ALL the time
When not in public we tend to get a bit....frisky
We're not overly romantic, but we're not overly boring either. Friends like to hang around us a lot
We love to challenge each other, see who can do the best in certain situations
Which classic Disney scene would most define your relationship?
Hercules: 'Meg Seduces Hercules' - Sexy
Frozen: 'Let it Go' - Inspirational
Beauty and the Beast: 'Trespassing in the West Wing' - Difficult
Tangled: 'Rapunzel Heals Eugene' - Caring
Mulan: 'Shang returns the Helmet' - Awkward
Pocahontas: 'Pocahontas Stops the War' - Risky
Aladdin: 'The Balcony Kiss' - Spontaneous
The Lion King: 'Wrestling on the Elephant Graveyard' - Playful
Lady and the Tramp: 'The Spaghetti Dinner' - Romantic
Which Disney movie would you want to watch together the most?
Beauty and the Beast
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty
Which Disney item most symbolizes the negative part of your relationship?
The Magic Lamp - Limited
The Spinning Wheel - Dangerous
The Blood Amulet - Shady
The Sorceror's Hat - Explosive
The Cursed Shell - Imprisoned
The Enchanted Rose - Wilting
The Glass Slipper - Fragile
The Olympus Amulet - Prideful
The Poisoned Apple - Toxic
Which Disney location would you two go for vacation?
Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
Neverland (Peter Pan)
Kuzco's Kingdom (The Emperor's New Groove)
Todayland (Meet the Robinsons)
Treasure Planet (Treasure Planet)
Sugar Rush (Wreck-It Ralph)
Prydain (The Black Caudlron)
Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
The Hundred Acre Woods (Winnie the Pooh)
Finally, if your relationship had a favorite color, what would it be?
Golden Yellow
Earthly Brown
Royal Purple
Sunset Pink
Bright White
Nightly Black
Midnight Blue
Forest Green
Rosy Red

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