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ManWomanFlim Couple First Appeared
Buddy Pine The Incredibles (Implied)
Flik A Bug's Life
Dingwall's Bodyguard Brave (Implied)
Stanley Cars
The Blue UmbrellaThe Blue Umbrella*
Carl Fredickson Up
Alfredo Linguini Ratatouille
Marlin Finding Nemo
Lucius BestThe Incredibles
Don Carlton Monster's University
Bob Parr The Incredibles
ManWomanFlim Couple First Appeared
Mr. Potato Head Toy Story 2
King Fergus Brave
Lightning McQueen Cars
Manny A Bug's Life
Ramone Cars
Ken Toy Story 3
Strip Weathers Cars
Mike Wazowski Monster's Inc.
Tow Mater Cars 2
Tony Ridinger The Incredibles
Sheriff Woody Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 2

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