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Points, A, B, and C are involved
Plane that is divided into four regions by the X and Y axis
Number used to identify the location of the point
To be divided into two congruent parts
Figure that is not defined in terms
Line, Ray or Segment that divides a segment into two congruent parts
Part of the line that starts at endpoint and never ends
Largest side in the Right Triangle; Opposite the right angle
Distance between two endpoints of the segment
Statement that is true without proof
Names a location and has no size; shown as a dot
The absolute value of the differance of the points
Points that lie in the same plane
Point that divides a segment into two congruent segments
Points that are on the same line
Creating a figure for mathmatical purposes
Point at the end of the segment
A flat surface that never ends
Segments that have the same length
A straight path that never ends
One of the two sides of the right triangle; forms the right angle
Two points that have a common endpoint and form a line

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