Disney Characters in High School

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Top dancer of the school; Poor; Does well playing the tambourine for Band
Often caught stealing from the cafeteria; Has no guardian, so he shouldn't really be enrolled in school....
Very good in Home Ec. Class.; Enjoys Prom and Homecoming
Often breaks school regulations for long hair; Does very well in Astronomy and Art Class
Straight A student; spends a lot of her time in the library studying or reading
Smartest student in the school; Has won numerous awards in Science Fairs
President of the Earth Club; Excellent in Early American History
Enjoys raising animals in Agriculture classes, especially llamas; Rich
Spends her time Sleeping; Parents banned her from Sewing Class
High-Flying; Never seems to mature
Good student; Loves Ancient Medieval History Class
Often brings a stuffed bear to school; Gets nervous when 'Black Rainclouds' are outside
Constantly daydreaming and not paying attention; Always seems to be tardy
Top jock of the school; Excellent in Greek Myth class
Strangely can often be seen with a fork; Top swimmer of the school
Does well in Theatre Class; Rich daughter of the superintendent, 'Big Daddy'

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