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A childrens novel written by Roald Dahl that was made into a movie starring George Clooney
A Disney animated film made in 1981, the main characters names were Todd and Copper
Actress who played in the Transformers series and Jennifer's Body
Actor who played Marty McFly in Back to the Future
Video game character who flys an Arwing and has appeared in every Super Smash Bros game
Character from Dora the Explorer who is always stealing things just to throw them away
United States news channel whos slogan is 'The most powerful name in news'.
Video game character whos real name is Miles Prower
The fox from Chicken Little
Childrens book by Dr. Seuss
Host of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? and comdedian
Song by Jimi Hendrix from the album 'Are You Experienced?'
Video game character from the Metal Gear series
Popular internet browser
The main evil character from Brian Jacques' book 'Mattimeo'

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