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Equine narrator of an Anna Sewell work
Winged horse of Bellerophon
Only survivor from Custer's cavalry at Little Bighorn
Wilbur Post's talking horse from 1960s TV
Fast black horse of Zorro
Roy Rogers's golden palomino
Horse of the Lone Ranger
Steed of Don Quixote
War-horse of General Robert E. Lee
Gandalf's horse
Hard-working horse of Orwell's Animal Farm
1973 Triple Crown winner
Link's horse in the Legend of Zelda video games
Depression era racehorse and subject of a 2003 film
Odin's eight-legged horse
Horse of Alexander the Great
Woody's horse from Disney / Pixar's Toy Story 2
Horse promoted to Senator by Caligula
Belle's horse in Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Horse puppet of Shari Lewis
Racehorse who won 20 of 21 races in his post-WWI career

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