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'The Boy Who Lived' (1)
'The Only One He [Voldemort] Ever Feared' (1)
'The Dark Lord' (1)
Neville's Parents (2)
Muggle Studies Professors (2)
Squibs (2)
Unforgivable Curses (3)
The Peverell Brothers (3)
The Gaunts (3)
The Deathly Hallows (3)
The Marauders (4)
The Triwizard Champions (4)
Dragon Breeds in the First Task (4)
Known Animagi (5)
Dudley's Gang (5)
Racing Broom Models (5)
Hagrid's Pets (5)
Slug Club during Harry's 6th Year (6)
The Inquisitorial Squad (7)
Voldemort's Horcruxes (7)
DADA Teachers (7)

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