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Neville's Gran's first name:A
The tapestry that hangs opposite of the Room of Requirement:B
Ron's favorite Quidditch team:C
Fleur Delacour's date to the Yule Ball (last name):D
Owl shop at Diagon Alley:E
Hagrid's mother:F
Dumbledore gifted this to the Gurg of the Giants:G
Hebzibah Smith's House-Elf:H
The incantation to bind someone:I
The Ministry member who was killed prior to the Triwizard Tournament (last name):J
The Care of Magical Creatures professor before Hagrid (last name):K
Bagman gave this type of gold to the Weasley twins:L
The Slytherin who was stuffed into a Vanishing Cabinet by the Weasley twins (last name):M
Creature that was levitated into and destroyed Umbridge's office several times:N
The small town in which the Weasley's live:O
Hogwarts librarian (last name):P
A Quidditch shop at Diagon Alley:Q
Death Eater previously employed in the Department of Mysteries (last name):R
Dudley's high school:S
The Apparition instructer (last name):T
Students in History of Magic have trouble distinguishing Emeric the Evil and...U
The Arithmancy professor (last name):V
The potion that prevents a werewolf's transformation on a full moonW
He published Rita Skeeter's interview of Harry during Harry's fifth year (first name):X
Ron (as Reg Cattermole) had to stop this Death Eater's office from raining:Y
The place Harry first talked to a snake:Z

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