Famous People by First Language

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Can you name the first languages of these famous people?

Updated May 25, 2012

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Famous PersonLanguageVocation
Garry KasparovWorld Chess Champion
William IIIKing of England
Josef StalinSoviet Dictator
CleopatraEgyptian Queen
Marie AntoinetteQueen of France
David Lloyd GeorgeBritish Prime Minister
Isaac AsimovScientist/Novelist
Christopher ColumbusNaval Explorer
Gene SimmonsRock Musician
Nelson MandelaSouth African Liberator
John CabotDiscoverer of Newfoundland
Roald DahlNovelist/Screen Writer
Irving BerlinComposer
Martin Van BurenUS President
George SorosFinancier/Philanthropist
Ivana TrumpAthlete/Model/Socialite
Mahatma GandhiFather of India
Ahmet ErtegünPresident of Atlantic Records
La CicciolinaPorn Star/Italian MP
Freddie MercuryRock Musician
Famous PersonLanguageVocation
Grace O’MalleyFemale Privateer/Pirate
Rose McGowanActress
Jacques CartierNaval Explorer
Jack KerouacNovelist
Franz KafkaBohemian Novelist
El GrecoArtist
Jesus ChristMessiah
Sir William HerschelAstonomer - Discoverer of Uranus
Joseph ConradNovelist
Leo TolstoyNovelist
Robert PiresFrench Footballer & World Cup Winner
Queen VictoriaBritish Queen & Empress
Aram KhachaturianComposer
Marco PoloExplorer and Writer
Henry KissingerUS Secretary of State/Nobel Laureate
Albert SchweitzerAlsatian Doctor and Philanthropist
King ArthurLengendary British King
Napoleon BonaparteEmperor of France
Mother TeresaNun/Philanthropist/Nobel Laureate
Alexander the GreatKing and Soldier

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