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Famous PersonType of Animal (s)Nature of Death
1920 - Joselito (Spanish Matador)
401BC - Mithridates (Assassin of Cyrus the Younger)
4BC - Herod the Great (King of Judea)
1975 - Bandō Mitsugorō VIII (Japanese Kabuki Actor)
67 - Saint Ignatius Of Antioch
1923 - Lord Carnarvon (Patron of Tutankhamun expedition)
1988 - Roy Kinnear (British Actor)
1135 - Henry I (King of England)
1920 - Alexander I (King of Greece)
2003 - Timothy Treadwell (Environmentalist)
9th C - Prince Popiel (Legendary Polish Leader)
235 - Saint Hippolytus of Rome
Famous PersonType of Animal (s)Nature of Death
1702 - William III (King of England)
Orion (Mythical Hunter)
1771 - Adolf Frederick (King of Sweden)
1118 - Baldwin I (King of Jerusalem)
1982 - Marty Feldman (British comedian)
Captain Hook (Fictional Pirate)
2006 - Steve Irwin (Australian Crocodile Hunter)
30 BC - Cleopatra (Egyptian Pharoah)
455 BC - Aeschylus (Greek Playwright)
1626 - Sir Francis Bacon (Elizabethan Scientist)
1980 - Azaria Chamberlein (Australian Baby)
1816 - Gouverneur Morris (American Statesman)

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