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Famous PersonCountry/Territory of DeathDate & Cause of Death
Edith Cavell (British Nurse)1915 - Executed by German troops
Lord Horatio Nelson (British Admiral)1805 - Killed in battle
Charlemagne (Frankish Emperor)814 - Pleurisy
Robert Louis Stevenson (British Author)1894 - Stroke
Kaiser Wilhelm II (German Emperor)1941 - Natural causes
Mark Antony (Roman General & Politician)30BC - Suicide
Che Guevara (Argentinian Revolutionary)1967 - Executed
Alexander the Great (Macedonian King)323BC - Fever/Poisoning
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shah of Iran)1980 - Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Percy Shelley (British Poet)1822 - Drowning
Adolf Eichmann (German Genocidist)1962 - Executed
Rupert Brooke (British War Poet)1915 - Septicaemia
Napoleon Bonaparte (Soldier & French Emperor)1821 - Stomach cancer/Poisoning
Thomas Mann (German Author)1954 - Natural causes
Paul Gauguin (French Painter)1903 - Syphilis/Drug overdose
Oscar Wilde (Irish Author & Humourist)1900 - Meningitis
Giacomo Casanova (Venetian Author & Adventurer)1798 - Natural causes
Idi Amin (Ugandan President & Murderer)2003 (Kidney Failure)
Ludwig van Beethoven (German Composer)1827 - Liver disease
Alfred Nobel (Swedish Inventor & Philanthropist)1896 - Stroke
Pocahontas (Daughter of Native American Chief)1617 - Smallpox
Lord George Byron (British Poet)1824 - Septicaemia
Famous PersonCountry/Territory of DeathDate & Cause of Death
Leif Ericson (Icelandic Explorer)c. 1020 - N/K
Archimedes (Greek Inventor)212BC - Killed by Roman soldier
David Livingstone (British Missionary & Explorer)1873 - Dysentary
Princess Grace (US Film Actress & Princess of Monaco)1982 - Stroke/Car crash
Vincent van Gogh (Dutch Painter)1890 - Suicide
Ayrton Senna (Brazilian Racing Driver)1994 - Motor racing crash
Leon Trotsky (Russian Revolutionary)1940 - Assassinated by ice pick
Mata Hari (Dutch Spy)1917 - Executed
Chiang Kai-Shek (Chinese President)1975 - Kidney failure
George Mallory (British Mountaineer)1924 - Climbing accident/exposure
Alexander Graham Bell (British/US Inventor)1922 - Diabetes
Joan Sutherland (Australian Opera Singer)2010 - Heart Failure
Richard the Lionheart (King of England)1199 - Killed by crossbow arrow
Osama bin Laden (Saudi Terrorist)2011 - Killed by US Navy SEALs
Captain James Cook (British Sailor & Explorer)1779 - Killed by natives
General Charles Gordon (British Soldier)1885 - Killed in siege
Maria Callas (US/Greek Opera Singer)1977 - Heart attack
St Peter (Christian Apostle & Pope)67 - Executed
Charlie Chaplin (British Film Actor & Director)1977 - Natural causes
Jimi Hendrix (US Rock Guitarist)1970 - Drugs overdose
Ferdinand Magellan (Portuguese Explorer)1521 - Killed in battle
Frederic Chopin (Polish Composer)1810 - Tuberculosis

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