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Origin of NameBand Name
English siblings in Tintin comics
Acronym of member's first names
Steam powered dildo in 'Naked Lunch'
Term for TV shot of the top part of a presenter
Small change returned by Starbucks barrista
Unlit liaison rooms in gay discos
Muddy Waters song of same name
Initials of brewery 'Mitchells & Butlers'
Surname pseudonym of Paul McCartney
Cool Mods of diminutive stature
1950's beehive hairstyle
Boris Karloff 1963 horror movie
Vulcan high priestess
Title of a William Burroughs novel
Piano wire death dance in Nazi prison
Beano character based on Model-T Ford nickname
From JRR Tolkein's unfinished final novel
Town nearest to a pin stuck in a US map
Talking Heads song of same name
UK unemployment registration form
SanFran college matchstick spliff holder
Origin of NameBand Name
Power supply on a sewing machine
The band's undersized LA accommodation
Corruption of name of school gym coach
Character in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
French magazine 'Fashion Update'
Title of a Hermann Hesse novel
Moon/Entwistle joke on 'doomed supergroup'
Unidentified fireballs seen by WW2 pilots
Villain in 60's film 'Barbarella'
Spirit revealed via a ouija board
Slang term for male ejaculate
Average amount of male ejaculate
1890's physical/musical instruction
Ghost thanks man for paying his funeral costs
Marijuana cigarette (fraternal)
Slang for stimulent drug Dexedrine
19th Century English agriculturalist
The gang in a Woodie Guthrie novel
Group of sex slaves used by Nazis
S & M magazine title
50's Aldous Huxley novel/Blake quote

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