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Origin of NameBand Name
Corruption of name of school gym coach
Steam powered dildo in 'Naked Lunch'
Vulcan high priestess
Surname pseudonym of Paul McCartney
Talking Heads song of same name
The band's undersized LA accommodation
Spirit revealed via a ouija board
Slang for stimulent drug Dexedrine
50's Aldous Huxley novel/Blake quote
Muddy Waters song of same name
UK unemployment registration form
Marijuana cigarette (fraternal)
Term for TV shot of the top part of a presenter
Group of sex slaves used by Nazis
Small change returned by Starbucks barrista
Acronym of member's first names
S & M magazine title
Character in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Slang term for male ejaculate
1890's physical/musical instruction
The gang in a Woodie Guthrie novel
Origin of NameBand Name
Cool Mods of diminutive stature
Power supply on a sewing machine
Unlit liaison rooms in gay discos
Piano wire death dance in Nazi prison
French magazine 'Fashion Update'
Moon/Entwistle joke on 'doomed supergroup'
Ghost thanks man for paying his funeral costs
Villain in 60's film 'Barbarella'
English siblings in Tintin comics
Average amount of male ejaculate
Boris Karloff 1963 horror movie
Title of a William Burroughs novel
Beano character based on Model-T Ford nickname
1950's beehive hairstyle
Title of a Hermann Hesse novel
Town nearest to a pin stuck in a US map
SanFran college matchstick spliff holder
Unidentified fireballs seen by WW2 pilots
19th Century English agriculturalist
From JRR Tolkein's unfinished final novel
Initials of brewery 'Mitchells & Butlers'

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