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A supply accumulated for future use + A house and the family in it
A journey + To drag something towards oneself + A meadow
A spoiled, naughty child + Third person singular present indicative of be + Molten rock from a volcano
'I think therefore I --' + To mix ingredients together with a spoon + A body of water held back by a barrier
Hollow cast metal instrument struck with a clapper + To evaluate and mark school work
Tiny, leafy plants that grow in tufts or mats on moist ground or tree trunks + Mature, female bovine
Factory for grinding grain + To travel on foot + Used to open a lock
Charge for a professional service + Small shaving cuts
Woman who practises magic + To strike someone + Bitumen
A baby bird + Freight carried by a vehicle
Bag made of coarse material + Male sheep + Adult males + Foot digit
Season that follows winter + A meadow
Tree that grows acorns + Earths surface that is not water
Employer or supervisor + 1000 kilograms
Word used to startle people + Personal transport + To cease motion and relax

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