Brazilian federative units by their official motto

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Can you name the Brazilian states by their official motto?

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MottoStateOriginal text
'Peace and prosperity'Ad bonum et prosperitatem
'Work and trust'Trabalha e confia
'Let great things be done for Brazil'Pro Brasilia fiant eximia
'Let the people aspire and worship it'Que o povo aspire e idolatre-o
'Liberty, equality, humanity'Liberdade, igualdade, humanidade
'Here Brazil commences'Aqui começa o Brasil
'I deny'*Nego
'Conduct the affairs of the public with righteousness'Rectem rempublicam gerere
'Freedom, albeit late'Libertas quæ sera tamen
MottoStateOriginal text
'We progress under the law'Sub lege progrediamur
'Land of light'Terra da luz
'To the winds that are yet to come'Venturis ventis
'I do not shine differently from others'Nec luceo pluribus impar
'This is our land'Co yvy ore retama
'Hardships frighten me not'Impavidum ferient ruinæ
'Freedom under the law'Sub lege libertas
'I am victorious through strife'Per ardua surgo

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