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Text / FigureYear(s)Information
Second English Civl War
Monarchy of Edward VIBorn in 1537
Bacon's EssaysOriginally containing ten essays; 24 added in MS, prepared 1607-12; 6 added in 1612 edition; 20 added in 1625
The White DevilDate of first performance
Monarchy of Charles IIHouse of Stuart (restored), born in 1630
Fowre HymnesDedicated from the court at Greenwich; published with the 2nd edition of Daphnaida, and in the same year as Prothalamion
Replacement of the monarchy with the Commonwealth of England
Monarchy of James IFirst Stuart monarch, born in 1566
The ArcadiaPublished with Sidney's reorganisations and additions of the 1580s, and overseen by Greville, Gwinne and Florio, ending mid-sentence
Amoretti and EpithalamionPublished in the same year as 'Astrophel, A Pastorall Elegie vpon the death of the most Noble and valorous Knight, Sir Philip Sidney'
The Faerie Queene (books 1-3)
Monarchy of Charles IBorn in 1600
Spenser's collected worksFirst folio edition
Oliver Cromwell is Lord Protector
Life of William Shakespeare
Monarchy of Henry VIIFirst Tudor monarch, born in 1457
Great Fire of London
The Countess of Pembroke's ArcadiaMary Herbert (Countess of Pembroke after Mary Sidney) publishes an edition in which the original Arcadia supplements and concludes the part that Sidney revised
Richard Cromwell is Lord Protector
Text / FigureYear(s)Information
Monarchy of Mary IBorn in 1516, she shared her titles with Philip from the second year of her monarchy
Monarchy of Elizabeth IBorn in 1533
The Faerie Queene (books 4-6)
The Duchess of MalfiFirst performed 1613-14
Life of Ben Jonson
Monarchy of Henry VIIIBorn in 1491
The Shepheardes CalenderEntered into the Stationers' Register in December
Life of John WebsterApproximate dates
Two Cantos of MutabilitiePublished posthumously with a reprint of the Faerie Queene
Anglo-Spanish War
First English Civil War
Life of Sir Philip Sidney
Life of Sir Francis Bacon
Monarchy held by Lady Jane Grey for ten daysBorn in 1537, and died in 1554
Third English Civil WarBetween supporters of Charles II and supporters of the Rump Parliament
Life of John Donne
Brief revival of the Commonwealth of EnglandEnds with the restoration of Charles II
Life of Edmund Spenser

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