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Combination of a late breakfast and an early lunch
Southeast Asian nation bordered by Malaysia
One who has dark brown hair
Singer Mars of 'Doo-Wops & Hooligans'
Small, landlocked Central African nation
To chew noisily with a crackling sound
Word form derived from a verb functioning as a noun
Subgenre of alternative rock popularized in Seattle
Low, short guttural sound; low-ranking soldier
To have made make ineffective or powerless (as with a leg injury)
Small, short-legged wildcat of Central and South America
Basic currency unit of the Czech Republic
To beneficially cut back; dried plum
Character of an ancient Germanic alphabet
Word ladder division
Smallest animal of a litter
To squat, crumple up, or squeeze together
To have reduced in size
To have jumped up rapidly
To shorten by cutting off
Low bed that can be stored under a larger bed
Main woody stem of a tree; large, sturdy storage chest
To have squeezed or choked

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