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One who prepares and sells medicines
'Breakfast at Tiffany's' author Truman
Mexican food restaurant chain named after 'smoked chili'
Fruit preserved or cooked in syrup
Railroad or bus station
Totalitarian ruler
Large semiaquatic African mammal; lit. 'river-horse'
Longest side of a right triangle
Tentative explanation for an observation or scientific problem
Lottery cash prize
Historic land between Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Practice of of favoring relatives for promotions
All powerful
Safe to drink
Silvery-white reactive metal, atomic #19
Edible starchy tuber
Monarch or ruler
Having the capacity to develop into something
Liquid supposed to have magical properties
Mixture of dried petals and spices used as perfume
Small roundish mark (as on a leopard); particular place or point
Ancient Mexican civilization of the Oaxaca valley

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