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♫ 1972: “Dirty ____”
Past tense of 'wear'
Article offered for sale
Challenge to do something
Miami-____ County, FL
♫ 1974: “Any Major ____ [YELLOW 2] [YELLOW 3] You”
A governing regulation
To irritate, annoy
Small stream
♫ 1974: “Any Major [YELLOW 1] ____ [YELLOW 3] You”
Water source in the ground
♫ 1974: “Any Major [YELLOW 1] [YELLOW 2] ____ You”
Payment for using a road
Seed capsule of cotton
Flash of lightning
Stupid person
♫ 1974: “Rikki ____ [GREEN 2] [GREEN 3] Number”
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♫ 1974: “Rikki [GREEN 1] ____ [GREEN 3] Number”
TV show of Oceanic Flight 815
Protective outerwear
Online conversation
1974: “Rikki [GREEN 1] [GREEN 2] ____ Number”
Mammal milk source
Camping domicile
Shade of color
Sharp, clear ringing sound
♫ 1973: “____ of the World”
Archaic plural of cow
Fork prong
Chronological period
Scholarly written work
♫ 1977: “____ at [BLUE 2]”
Audio tech company
Military headquarters
Blowout party
Strike with a whip
♫ 1977: “[BLUE 1] at ____”
Before present
Less than the whole
Simpson, Starr, or Conner
College of Fagen & Becker
Ace, king, queen, or jack
Feel concern, interest
Sweet baked dessert
♫ 1976: “Don't ____ Me Alive”
To domesticate
♫ 1976: “The ____s of Altamira”
Small sheltered bay
Orange traffic marker
♫ 1975: “Everyone's ____ to the Movies”
DNA unit
Deep wooded valley
To eat, esp. an evening meal
♫ 1980: “Hey ____-[PINK 2]” [1st part of one word]
Not any
Skeleton unit
Sum of money paid as bail
What a barkeep does
Prepared to drive a golf ball
♫ 1980: “Hey [PINK 1]- ____” [2nd part of one word]
Having noticed
Prophet, oracle
Burn the surface
♫ 1972: “Reelin' In the ____s”
Affirmative answers
The seven maritime bodies
Chair, stool, bench
Sing like Ella Fitzgerald
♫ 1976: “The Royal ____”
Bogus, false
Playwright George Bernard
♫ 1973: “____ Biz [ORANGE 2]”
Having fired a gun
Chimney residue
Heavy footwear
Calls of disapproval (e.g., at sporting event)
Computer instructions in firmware
Offers at auctions
♫ 1973: “[ORANGE 1] Biz ____”

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