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Can you name the four and five-letter words in these ladders based on three Stevie Ray Vaughan hits?

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4-Letter Ladder
(fifth track from 1984 album)
♫ Chilly ♫ 
Tree trunk 
Burrowing mammal 
Shed feathers seasonally 
Greatest amount 
Dark, rail-like water bird 
Chicken condo 
Hack with a cleaver 
Army food 
♫ Fired a gun ♫ 
5-Letter Ladder
(title track from 1983 album)
♫ 2nd largest US state ♫ 
iPod written messages 
Musical pulses 
Spoiled children 
Michaels and Saberhagen 
New Orleans QB Drew 
Strain of dog species 
Food in a loaf 
Fret over something 
Vital liquid in veins 
♫ Water overabundance ♫ 
4-Letter Ladder
(sixth track from 1983 album)
♫ Discourteous ♫ 
Ancient character 
Sand pile 
Have a meal 
Fork prong 
9:30, 6:15, or 10:45, e.g. 
Scholarly book 
Flexible water conduit 
Party giver 
Owl call 
Head and neck covering 
♫ Frame of mind ♫ 

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