Word Ladder: Psalm 42

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Can you name the four-letter words in this biblical word ladder (KJV)?

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v. 1: “As the ____ panteth after
the water brooks” (male deer)
Son on The Simpsons
Worm on a hook
To post bond
Wind-catcher on boat mast
To make dirty
v. 1: “so panteth my ____ after thee,
O God”
Rule violation (esp. in sports)
Geese, turkeys, chickens, e.g.
Long, doleful cry
18th century British admiral
v. 2: “when shall I ____ and appear
before God?”
Type of slaw
Young male horse
Shed feathers or fur
To become liquid
v. 3: “My tears have been my ____
day and night”
Watery castle defense
Of no significance
Uncultivated upland
Of a low standard
v. 4: “When I remember these things,
I ____ out my soul in me:”
Sulking expression
River ferry in South Africa
Unleavened cornbread
v. 4: “for I had ____ with the multitude,”
DNA unit
Courteous man (abbrev.)
v. 4: “I ____ with them
to the house of God”
To have cried
v. 4: “with a multitude that ____ holyday.”
Clark who is Superman
U.S. penny value
Slope or tilt
v. 5: “Why art thou ____ down, O my soul?”
Legal proceeding
Superhero's cloak
Deal effectively with difficulty
v. 5: “____ thou in God:
for I shall yet praise him”
Card dealt face down
North or South global extreme
Brazilian soccer great
Proofreader mark for removal
Former Boston singer Brad
v. 5: “for the ____ of his countenance.”
To bring to health
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Average between numbers
Complain or grumble
To have cut grass
v. 6: “O my God, my soul is cast ____ within me”
Mend socks
Large farm building
Animal fat for cooking
v. 6: “therefore will I remember thee
from the _____ of Jordan”
Bowling floor
Glass section of window
Lacking color
Robust, hearty
Interior passageway
v. 6: “and of the Hermonites,
from the ____ Mizar”
Medicinal tablet
Federal grant for college
Fruit skin
Chick-shaped marshmallow candy
v. 7: “____ calleth unto ____ at the
noise of thy waterspouts”
Document of property ownership
Pay attention
Chopped soil with garden tool
Auto engine cover
To cross a river
v. 8: “Yet the ____ will command”
Traditional stories
Large scholarly work
v. 8: “his lovingkindness in the day ____,”
Marcel Marceau, e.g.
Ore source
Trigonometric function
Vocalize musically
v. 8: “and in the night his ____
shall be with me,”
Of great distance
Connecter between two points
v. 8: “and my prayer unto
the God of my ____.”
Unchecked, widespread
Swamp grass as food staple
Astley of being ____rolled
v. 9: “I will say unto God my ____.”

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