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Hint4-Letter Word#
☠ With last rung, CBS series from 2003-10 ☠1
Daring, courageous2
Cotton seed capsule3
US president Clinton4
☠ Character: ____ Jeffries ☠5
Devious or cunning strategy6
Major river in northeastern Africa7
Pleasant, enjoyable8
☠ Character: ____ [RUNG 37] ☠9
Candle part that is lit10
Rapidly close and open one eye11
Alcoholic who's often homeless12
☠ Actor: Danny ____ ☠13
Type of coniferous tree14
Thin, light, delicate15
☠ Actor: [RUNG 21] ____ ☠16
Waterfall or ravine in Scotland17
King of the jungle18
Canadian bird or crazy person19
1993 romantic comedy: 'Benny & ____'20
☠ Character: ____ Stillman ☠21
Sen. McCarthy lawyer Roy22
Masked mammal (abbrev)23
Hint4-Letter Word#
North and South Korean monetary unit24
Long duration suffix (tele-, mara-, walk-a-)25
☠ Actor: ____ Barry ☠26
Empty, vacant (chiefly Scottish)27
Animated film28
Ripped, shredded29
Japanese for 'tiger' (code for Pearl Harbor attack)30
Scarlett O'Hara's plantation31
☠ Theme music by E. S. Posthumus ☠32
Costly perfume of the Bible (cf. Mark 14:3)33
Difficult; requiring a great deal of effort34
Cattle congregation35
Wife of Greek god Zeus36
☠ Character: [RUNG 9] ____ ☠37
Vessel which returns blood to the heart (w/ cava)38
Give free expression to a strong emotion39
Tenant's regular payment to a landlord 40
Cease from work or activity41
Iron oxidation42
☠ Character: Lilly ____ ☠ 43
Spots or reddening of skin44
Currency in coins or bills45
☠ With first rung, CBS series from 2003-10 ☠46

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