Word Ladder: O, Christmas Woody Perennial Plant

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Can you name the four-letter words in this coniferous ladder?

Featured Dec 22, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word#
❅ Not deciduous, but ____green ❅1
December 24th and 31st2
Biological class of birds3
Beverages brewed from malted barley 4
Rodriguez, Trebek, Lifeson, or Haley5
Bend arm to show off bicep6
Substance used to help solder metals7
Chimney duct8
❅ Colorado ____ Spruce (Picea pungens) ❅9
To make unclear or less distinct10
Slanderous insinuation11
Shell-less gastropod12
Waste from smelting ore13
Venetian blind component14
Spanish automaker15
To have posted a letter16
Five prefix (e.g., -agon, -agram, -atonic)17
Eighth of a gallon18
❅ Common conifer type ❅19
Unleavened cornbread20
❅ Fruit of RUNG 19 ❅21
National Liberation Front (with Viet)22
❅ ____[RUNG 41] [RUNG 19] (Pinus palustris) ❅23
John Reid's Ranger status24
Hint4-Letter Word#
One of 206 in skeletal system25
Reddish brown color (terra rosa)26
❅ Lodge____ [RUNG 19] (Pinus contorta) ❅27
11th US president James28
Pustule mark or scar in skin29
Prepare suitcase for travel30
❅ ____ [RUNG 19] (Pinus banksiana) ❅31
Athletic person32
Of igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic type33
Chess castle34
Large crucifix35
❅ Coast Red____ (Sequoia sempervirens) ❅36
Sentence part37
Deity or master38
Place ammunition in firearm39
To slack on the job40
❅ [RUNG 23]____ [RUNG 19] (Pinus palustris) ❅41
Having no superfluous fat42
Of kidney, lima, or navy variety43
Hard outer layer of cereal grain44
Donkey vocalization45
Breakfast in bed serving implement46
Three point shot47
❅ Woody perennial plant ❅48

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