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Can you name the four-letter words in this common-bond ladder?

Updated Sep 11, 2013

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Hint4-Letter Word
πŸ‘“ One revolution around the sun πŸ‘“
Burn or char the surface
Evidence of injured skin
Improvised jazz singing
Narrow strip of wood
To violently kill
πŸ‘“ A work written for the stage πŸ‘“
Scheme for accomplishing an objective
Close-knit, interrelated families
Fictional Chinese detective Charlie
To crack or roughen, esp. lips
To hew with an axe
πŸ‘“ To buy goods πŸ‘“
Fired a gun
Chimney residue
Of no practical value or meaning
Greatest in amount or degree
Be compelled, as by a requirement
To be absorbed in thought
An action intended to deceive
πŸ‘“ Exercise ultimate power and authority πŸ‘“
Actor's part in a play
FSU athlete (abbrev.)
Hint4-Letter Word
πŸ‘“ Brief thought jotted down πŸ‘“
NBA's Robinson or Archibald
Actress Blanchett
πŸ‘“ Matter that goes before a court of law πŸ‘“
Plaster setting for broken bone
Not present nor future
Formal agreement between countries
Indisputable truth
πŸ‘“ One's countenance πŸ‘“
Speed of gait
Single sheet of window glass
A source of harm or ruin
πŸ‘“ Land that slopes down to a river πŸ‘“
Outer surface of a tree
πŸ‘“ The second gospel πŸ‘“
Place where goods are sold
Small viral skin growth
Above temperate
πŸ‘“ Wiggly fish bait πŸ‘“
Effort on a job
Bottle stopper
πŸ‘“ To prepare a meal πŸ‘“
πŸ‘“πŸ‘“ COMMON BOND πŸ‘“πŸ‘“

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