Word Ladder: Not By Its Cover

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Can you name the four-letter words in this common-bond ladder?

Updated Sep 11, 2013

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Hint4-Letter Word
👓 One revolution around the sun 👓
Burn or char the surface
Evidence of injured skin
Improvised jazz singing
Narrow strip of wood
To violently kill
👓 A work written for the stage 👓
Scheme for accomplishing an objective
Close-knit, interrelated families
Fictional Chinese detective Charlie
To crack or roughen, esp. lips
To hew with an axe
👓 To buy goods 👓
Fired a gun
Chimney residue
Of no practical value or meaning
Greatest in amount or degree
Be compelled, as by a requirement
To be absorbed in thought
An action intended to deceive
👓 Exercise ultimate power and authority 👓
Actor's part in a play
FSU athlete (abbrev.)
Hint4-Letter Word
👓 Brief thought jotted down 👓
NBA's Robinson or Archibald
Actress Blanchett
👓 Matter that goes before a court of law 👓
Plaster setting for broken bone
Not present nor future
Formal agreement between countries
Indisputable truth
👓 One's countenance 👓
Speed of gait
Single sheet of window glass
A source of harm or ruin
👓 Land that slopes down to a river 👓
Outer surface of a tree
👓 The second gospel 👓
Place where goods are sold
Small viral skin growth
Above temperate
👓 Wiggly fish bait 👓
Effort on a job
Bottle stopper
👓 To prepare a meal 👓

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