Word Ladder: Let's Get (a) Physical

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Can you name the four-letter words in this somewhat undesirably themed word ladder?

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Do it like Beckham
Rosary unit
Pushing up daisies
Two individuals regarded as a pair
To have immersed in pigment
To have looked at
Ocular organs
December 24th and 31st
At all times; always
At a position above or higher than
Cooking appliance
Scandinavian men's name
To have visually perceived
Arrange for delivery by mail
Beach granules
Palm, fingers and thumb
The head to a hillbilly (e.g. Jug____)
Pellets of frozen rain
Wind-catching fabric on a mast
Dirt in which plants grow
To wind into a sequence of circles
To style one's hair
Common Object File Format (acronym)

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