Word Ladder: Paul Revere's 'One'

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Can you name the four-letter words in this common-bond ladder?

Updated Nov 3, 2015

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Hint4-Letter Word
⚑ UK Highlander ⚑
Shoo a cat
Bench or chair
Milk source in mammals
Pronoun and determiner
⚑ A people of southeast Asia ⚑
Type of spiced tea with milk
Fictional Chinese-American detective Charlie
Goatee location
Abel's slayer
⚑ Most prominent or important ⚑
To send a letter
Large retail complex
Barley used in distilling
To shed feathers or fur
'Beetle Bailey' creator Walker
⚑ Ship's refuge ⚑
Vehicle drawn by a horse
Debonair actor Grant
⚑ Bloody queen of England ⚑
⚑ Wahlberg, Zuckerberg, or Twain ⚑
Animal fat for cooking
Hint4-Letter Word
⚑ Master or ruler ⚑
American automaker
Golfer's warning
Document folder
⚑ To use all the space of a container ⚑
Medicinal tablet
Opinion survey
Prefix meaning 'many'
⚑ Sacred ⚑
Cavity in the ground
⚑ Primary residence ⚑
18th century philosopher David
Beyond large
Jackman, Laurie, or Hefner
⚑ Under the influence of drugs ⚑
Audible exhale
Dark lords of Star Wars
Internet web location
Tiny parasite
⚑ Place for coal extraction ⚑
⚑ Connector between two points ⚑
Narrow rural road

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