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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

Updated Nov 23, 2013

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Hint4-Letter Word
⟡ Trodden way ⟡
Addition, subtraction, e.g.
Win in chess
Attacker repellent
⟡ Speed competition ⟡
Tempo, pace
NBA's Archibald or Thurmond
⟡ Memorandum ⟡
Stand or sit for photo
Unleavened cornbread
Early Atari game
⟡ Of great distance ⟡
Misplace item
J. J. Abrams TV series
Submit blog entry
Hint4-Letter Word
⟡ Silent part in music notation ⟡
Monthly housing fee
Flog repeatedly
Ursine mammal
⟡ To sport clothing ⟡
Red, swollen mark on skin
Underground water supply
Decorative border a garment
Pressed wool cloth
⟡ Apartment in UK ⟡
Ornamental drum stroke
Loudly shut a door
Decorative pillow cover
Noah's first son
Plant stalk
⟡ Staircase tread ⟡
Hint4-Letter Word
Leak through slowly
Fortune teller
Char surface
Aquatic mammal of circuses
Exchange item for money
⟡ Land mound ⟡
Draft of proposed law
⟡ Formal dance event ⟡
Bound hay
⟡ Without clothing ⟡
Dull, uninteresting person
German-British physicist Max
Tattered and shabby
⟡ Activity involving effort ⟡
Tined implement
Stronghold, army post

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