Word Ladder: Animal Farm

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Can you name the three-letter words in this Orwellian ladder?

Updated Sep 22, 2013

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Hint3-Letter WordRung
☭ ___ Major, who dreamed of the Revolution ☭1
Bullfighter's shout2
Type of beer3
☭ Seventh Commandment:
“___ animals are created equal.” ☭
Sharp tool for piercing5
Nocturnal bird of prey6
Liquid lubricant7
Small currency of some Middle Eastern countries8
Soft, seedy pear-shaped fruit 9
☭ Napoleon, Snowball, or Squealer ☭10
Wood pin on which things can be hung11
☭ “Four ___s good, two ___s [Rung 21].” ☭12
Zodiac lion13
Latin for God: '___ volente'14
In fifties music comes before 'wop'15
☭ Member of Napoleon’s “secret police” ☭16
Hint3-Letter WordRung
Tooth on a gear17
☭ Battle of the ___shed ☭18
Crow call19
Dishonorable man20
☭ “Four [Rung 12]s good, two [Rung 12]s ___.” ☭21
☭ Fourth Commandment:
“No animal shall sleep in a ___.” ☭
Hur, Vereen, or Affleck23
☭ Rebelled against egg contract ☭24
Bottom edge of skirt25
'Sing' without words26
Fleshy tooth holder27
☭ Fired at anniversaries of Rebellion and Battle ☭28
Whitney's cotton machine29
Storage container30
To prohibit31
☭ What Napoleon became like in the end ☭32

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