Word Ladder: An Apple's Life Cycle

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Can you name the four-letter words in this apple-themed word ladder?

Updated Sep 15, 2013

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❶ A tiny apple beginning . . . ❶
Grain and hay for livestock
Astaire, MacMurray, or Couples
Without cost or payment
❷ . . . which can grow into this . . . ❷
Archaic (or biblical) word for 'you'
Us and ____
Noah’s eldest son
❸ . . . producing fruit that hangs from this . . . ❸
Staircase unit
To slowly leak through
Retain possession
The bottom of a hull
❹ —a fruit that is covered in this . . . ❹
Loud ringing of a bell
Boggy moss
Lively, jaunty, cheeky
Ship harbor locale
Small skin opening
❺ . . . and can be eaten down to this . . . ❺
Secret language system
Manner in which something is done
Burrowing mammal
Shape or form clay
Blend or combine
Join metals by heat
Unwanted wild plant
❻ . . . in which this will be found. ❻

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