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❤ Ch. I: “____ the Rabbit
[RUNG 7]” ❤
To have cut grass2
Earth's natural satellite3
Of no consequence4
Seasonally shed feathers 5
Otter den6
❤ Ch. I: “[RUNG 1] the Rabbit
____” ❤
Rod for Olympic vaulting8
Public opinion survey9
❤ Ch. II: “The ____ of
[RUNG 15]s” ❤
Having little wealth11
Unrefined, uncouth person12
Male pig13
Ursa Major or Minor14
❤ Ch. II: “[RUNG 10] of ____s” ❤15
Hardwood from southeast Asia16
Lose contents through hole17
Post-transition metal Pb (atomic #82)18
❤ Ch. VIII: “Off with her ____!” ❤19
High temperature20
Sorority counterpart (abbrev.)22
Hand grenade (informally)23
❤ Ch. VI: Second footman ❤24
To beat severely as punishment25
Thrown for penalty in football26
Apartment in UK27
Italian auto maker28
Clenched hand29
❤ Ch. VI: First footman ❤30
Data storage device32
Drop shot in tennis33
Sharp bend34
❤ Ch. VIII: Who wanted the
Cheshire Cat removed ❤
Chinese dynasty from 1368–1644 36
Explosive device37
To play charades38
❤ Ch. VI: Entity personally known by the Hatter ❤39
Scrabble letter piece40
Liver product41
❤ Ch. IV:The little lizard ❤42
❤ Ch. VIII: Hedgehog on the Croquet-Ground ❤43
Initiate phone conversation44
Sagan, Lewis, or Reiner45
❤ Ch. VIII: One of the Queen's gardeners ❤ 46
❤ Ch. VI: Tea Party's March ____ ❤ 48
❤ Ch. III: “A Caucus-____ and a Long [RUNG 53]” ❤50
Heavy spiked club51
Capital of Maldives52
❤ Ch. III: “A Caucus-[RUNG 50] and a Long ____” ❤53
Lay hold of54
❤ Ch. I: What was marked,
'EAT ME' ❤
To provide for health and welfare56
Female equine57
Second gospel58
Mindy's alien friend59
❤ Ch. IX: “The ____ Turtle's
Story” ❤
Structure for mooring boats61
❤ Ch. III: Bird who asked Mouse, “Found what?” ❤62
❤ Ch. VII: “Why is a raven like a writing-____?” ❤64
Unit which plays cassette tapes65
Connects head to torso66
Notch in which a bowstring is fitted67
Barnes & Noble e-book reader68
❤ Ch. VII: Who threw the frying-pan at the Duchess ❤69
Poultry palace70
Seizure of power from government71
❤ Ch. X: [RUNG 60] Turtle's song, “Beautiful ____” ❤ 72
Spiritual or immaterial part of a being 73
Rules violation (esp. in sports)74
American auto maker77
Master or deity78
❤ Ch. III: Bird who first argued
with Alice ❤
American colonist loyal to Britain80
Non-criminal action dealt
with in court
❤ Ch. XI: One of what the Knave of Hearts stole ❤82
Weed resembling wheat (in Bible)83
Charge for transportation84
Gradually grow faint 85
Miami-____ County, FL86
Groove cut into a board87
❤ Ch. III: Bird who called
for Caucus ❤

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