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♫ _____ Summers of The Police ♫
Between 'Ifs' & 'Buts'
Glossy black subtropical birds
Earth's rotational line
Chopping tools
♫ _____ Lifeson of Rush ♫
Bend the arm to display biceps
Food and fiber crop
Flim's partner in deception
Cappucino topper
Make or shape
Dining utensil
Nerd or geek
Short dagger
♫ _____ Hammett of Metallica ♫
Strike with the foot
♫ _____ Derringer of The McCoys ♫
Food grown in a paddy
Wingless parasitic insects
Geometric figure between two points
Loop in a chain
Sharp twist or bend
♫ Blues legend B. B. _____ ♫
Avian appendage
Not loses
Hair pieces
Dog tail action
Payment for work
♫ Jimmy _____ of Led Zeppelin ♫
Gentle, quick touches
Domestic house animals
♫ _____ Townshend of The Who ♫
Brazilian soccer great
Type of conifer
Sharp prong
♫ _____ Iommi of Black Sabbath ♫
Non-cartilaginous fish
Former West German capital
To be begat
Walking in Memphis songwriter Marc
♫ Blues great _____ Lee Hooker ♫
Bring together
Round metal currency
To wind in a spiral
To plaster the upper surface of a room
♫ Canadian guitarist _____ Young ♫
Pointed fastener
Beach bucket
♫ Guitar pioneer Les _____ ♫
Cuban President Castro
Hessian Commander at Trenton
Spherical toy
Illegal pitching move
Not front
♫ Jeff _____ of The Yardbirds ♫
Quarter bushel
Side benefit
Public recreation area
♫ _____ Knopfler of Dire Straits ♫
Truck manufacturer
♫ _____ White of The White Stripes ♫
Athletic type
Garment for the foot
Not well
Fail to stay afloat
Trigonometric function
Of sound mind
Rescue, keep
♫ _____ Mustaine of Megadeth ♫
Self-improvement guru Carnegie
To give out
Hollow dug out place
♫ Steve _____ of Yes ♫
Heavyweight boxer Riddick
Concave soup holder
Bring to 212° F
To spring from the pokey
Fish food on a hook
UK resident (abbrev)
Precedes 'a-brac'
♫ _____ Clapton of Cream ♫
Julia Roberts' character Brockovich
Broad smile
Increase in resources
Surprise attack
♫ Vernon _____ of Living Colour ♫
Tear apart
Shape into a curve
Small rounded object in jewelry
Rhythmic pulse
Protective outerwear
Internet conversation
♫ Country guitarist _____ Atkins ♫

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