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Can you name the four-letter words in this common bond ladder?

Featured Jul 23, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
❦ Large ocean-going vessel ❦
Lose footing on ice
Strike with open hand
Kill in a violent manner
❦ Participate in a game ❦
Cunning tactic
Cemetery section
Rorschach test object
Cowboy shoe
Bound reading matter
Sound of head being hit
❦ Narrow shelflike bed or berth ❦
Plunge into fluid
Web-footed quacker
Hint4-Letter Word
52 playing cards
❦ Metric system prefix ❦
Cold cut store
Boston lead singer Brad
❦ Aid, assistance ❦
Untidy pile
Cut and gather a crop
Genuine, bona fide
❦ Iranian currency ❦
Rotary phone circle
Distribute playing cards
Faithful, loyal (archaic)
Young horse
Violate rules of play
Hint4-Letter Word
❦ Immaterial part of a person ❦
Dirty pond (Brit.)
Stamped wax on a document
Dark greenish-blue color
❦ Athletic squad ❦
500 sheets of paper
Wander aimlessly
❦ Hotel subdivision ❦
Large, hopping marsupials (abbrev.)
Supremes lead singer, Diana
Fragrant flower
Habitual repetition
Fixed price for services

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