Word Ladder: Best Picture, 1987, 1988 & 1989

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Can you name the four-letter words in this ladder based on the best picture winner and nominees at the 1987, 1988 and 1989 Academy Awards?

Updated Sep 5, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word#
★★ 1987 Best Picture: The ____ Emperor ★★1
★ 1987 Nominee: Broad____ [Rung 47]★2
___ la vie! ('That's life')3
Cautionary conjunction4
★ 1989 Nominee: My ____ [Rung 21] ★5
Elevator in UK6
Birthday present, e.g.7
To have encircled with a belt8
★ 1988 Nominee: Working ____ ★9
Respiratory organ of a fish10
Bold, impudent behavior11
Devers, Sheehy, or Goodrich12
Steel bar of a train track13
★★ 1988 Best Picture: ____ Man ★★14
Mitt Romney's Capital company15
Large farm building16
★ 1989 Nominee: ____ on the Fourth of [Rung 28] ★17
Something helpful or beneficial18
★ 1987 Nominee: ____struck ★19
Subject to debate, or uncertainty20
★ 1989 Nominee: My [Rung 5] ____ ★21
Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana22
Candid Camera's Allen23
Smallest of the litter24
Letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet25
Hint4-Letter Word#
Exercise power and authority26
Obedient, orderly27
★ 1989 Nominee: [Rung 17] on the Fourth of ____ ★28
Garland, Blume, or Tenuta29
Penultimate book of the Bible30
City dweller on a ranch31
To deceive, hoodwink32
Illegal drug33
★ 1987 Nominee: ____ and Glory ★34
Flexible water conduit35
Dan Blocker's Bonanza character36
What won't gather on rolling stones37
The greatest amount38
Defensive ditch around a castle39
Animal flesh as food40
Fermented beverage made of water and honey41
★ 1989 Nominee: ____ Poets Society ★42
Regarded with deep affection43
In close proximity44
Tidy, uncluttered condition45
Small salamander cousin46
★ 1987 Nominee: Broad[Rung 2] ____ ★47
Cryptid monster's loch home48
Dirty, untidy condition49
★★ 1989 Best Picture: Driving ____ Daisy ★★50

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