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Can you name the words ending in either 'bine,' 'cine,' 'dine,' 'fine,' 'gine,' or 'hine'?

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United States VP Candidate Ferraro
Form a mental picture
Improve by making small changes
Napoleon's first wife
Fifth largest city in Wisconsin
Colorado state flower
Eggplant in UK
Archaic for 'yours'
Pasta in narrow strips
Woman in Polynesian, female surfer
River in western Germany
To state the meaning or description
Halogen element (atomic #53)
To give off light
Relating to pigs
Wind-driven rotary machine
Pomegranate syrup
Light, repeating rifle
Vehicle motor
To unite, merge
A tightly-woven fabric
Native inhabitant of Australia
Pain-relieving narcotic drug
Substance used to treat an ailment
Small, oily fish
Inclined plane, wheel and axle, lever, etc.
Antibody stimulant inducing immunity
Annoying cry of complaint
Restrict or imprison

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