Word Ladder: Mammals of the Central Rockies

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Updated Aug 3, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
⧍ Canada ____ (____ canadensis, or felis ____) ⧍
Coal miner's daughter Loretta
Pool below waterfall (Scot.)
⧍ Mountain ____ (Felis concolor) ⧍
Canadian waterbird
Thug, bully
That which is morally right
⧍ Bushy-tailed ____rat (Neotoma cinerea) ⧍
Sentence component
Donned clothes
Plural past tense of 'be'
Not there
⧍ Snowshoe ____ (Lepus americanus) ⧍
Defy or challenge to do something
Mend socks
'Coming Home' and 'Nebraska' actor Bruce
Southern comfort food chef Paula
⧍ White-tailed ____ (Odocoileus virginianus) ⧍
Hops-flavored fermented beverage
⧍ Grizzly ____ (Ursus arctos) ⧍
Partridge tree
Tennessee state university, Austin ____
Invoke divine blessing
⧍ ____ fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) ⧍
Matriculator (abbrev.)
Sharp stick for driving cattle
⧍ Mountain ____ (Oreamnos americanus) ⧍
Water craft
Jamaican sprinter Usain
International System unit of electric potential
⧍ Montane ____ (Microtus montanus) ⧍
Hint4-Letter Word
Lush dale
Imaginative story
Above average height
⧍ Mountain cotton____ (Sylvilagus nuttallii) ⧍
Letters conveyed by postal system
Shopping complex
Consider at length, ponder
⧍ ____ deer (Odocoileus hemionus) ⧍
Without the power of speech
Very small amount
Ditka, Tyson, or Myers
Long-bodied predatory freshwater fish
⧍ American ____ (Ochotona princeps) ⧍
12 point type size
May precede roll in NBA
Skin pustule
Athletic type
⧍ Black-tailed ____rabbit (Lepus californicus) ⧍
Bobby Darin's 1959 knife
Halloween face covering
⧍ ____rat (Ondatra zibethicus) ⧍
⧍ Colorado chip____ (Neotamias quadrivittatus) ⧍
⧍ American ____ (Neovison vison) ⧍
Ice skating arena
⧍ ____tail (Bassariscus astutus) ⧍
Large cod-like fish
⧍ ____-tailed weasel (Mustela frenata) ⧍
Water pipe used for smoking
Former capital of West Germany
Existing as a result of birth
⧍ Big____ sheep (Ovis canadensis) ⧍

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