Characters: Pacino or De Niro

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Can you name the Al Pacino (P) roles from the Robert De Niro (D) roles?

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CharacterPacino (P) or De Niro (D)
Frank Slade
Frank Keller
Tony D'Amato
Michael Vronsky
Ricky Roma
Travis Bickle
Jack Byrnes
Gil Renard
Nick Wells
Sonny Wortzik
James Conway
Lorenzo Anello
Frank Serpico
Leonard Lowe
Max Cady
Sam Rothstein
Carlito Brigante
John Milton
Neil McCauley
CharacterPacino (P) or De Niro (D)
Wayne Dobie
Tony Montana
Vincent Hanna
Father Bobby
Walter Burke
Michael Corleone
Jake La Motta
Arthur Kirkland
Big Boy Caprice
Paul Vitti
'Lefty' Ruggiero
Al Capone
Lowell Bergman
Willy Bank
The Creature
Jimmy Doyle
Steve Burns
Louis Gara
Will Dormer
Jack Walsh

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