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SubmissionWrestlerBody Part Affected By The Submission
Cross ArmbreakerArm, Shoulder and Pectoral
Inverted Figure Four Leg LockKnee and Legs
Walls Of JerichoLegs and Back
Regal StretchArm, Shoulder and Neck
Scorpion Death LockLegs, Knee and Back
Edge-cutionKnee, Leg and Back
Gory SpecialBack and Shoulders
TazzmissionHead and Arm
Million Dollar DreamHead
London DungeonArm
Dragon SleeperNeck and (if applied with bodyscissors) Ribs
Camel ClutchNeck and Back
Full NelsonArms, Shoulders and Neck
Hell's GateNeck
Cattle MutilationShoulders, Arms and Back
Torture RackBack
Jazz StretchArms, Shoulders and Back
STFLeg, Knee, Head, Neck and Back
Anaconda ViceArm and Neck
Brock LockLeg and Lower Back
SubmissionWrestlerBody Part Affected By The Submission
Ankle LockAnkle
The Sleeper HoldNeck and Head
Hangman's ClutchKnee, Leg, Back, Head, Neck
Crossface ChickenwingArm, Neck and Head
SharpshooterKnee, Leg and Back
The Iron ClawHead
TarantulaLegs, Arms and Back
Texas CloverleafKnee, Leg and Back
Crippler Crossface (Lebell Lock)Arm, Nack and Head
Figure Four Leg LockKnee and Leg
Bow And ArrowBack, Knees and Neck
California DreamLegs and Neck
Mandible ClawLower Jaw
LiontamerNeck, Back and Legs
Koji ClutchNeck
Colossal ClutchBack and Neck
Coquina ClutchHead and Ribs
Steiner ReclinerNeck
Octopus StretchHead, Neck and Arm
Vice GripHead

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