Techical Name For Finishers

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Can you name the Name the finisher form techincal description?

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Double Underhook Facebuster
Fireman's Carry Spun Into Facebuster
540 Roundhouse Kick
Split Legged Corkscrew Moonsaullt
Full Nelson
Inverted Russian Legsweep
Full Nelson Facebuster
Front Facelock Followed By a Cutter
Tiger Feint Kick
Fireman's Carry Slam
Corckscrew Spinning Elbow
Rolling Cutter
High Angle Senton Bomb
Sitout 3/4 Facelock Jawbreaker
Argentine Backbreaker
Cobra Clutch Slam
Delayed Vertical Suplex Drop Into Side Slam
Jumping Cutter
Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster
Arm Wringer/Russian Legsweep
Aided Samoan Drop
Double Knee Facebuster
Rolling German Suplex Pin
Sitout Powerbomb
Flapjack/Jumping Cutter Combination
Belly To Belly Kneeling Piledriver
Wheelbarrel Nackbreaker
Release Powerbom
Rolling Fireman's Carry
Fireman's Carry Dropped Into Knee Lift
Belly To Back Slam
Running Lariat
Running Knee Lif Into Falling Neckbreaker
Inverted DDT
Boston Crab
Modified Gogoplata

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