Diablo 2 LoD Class Specific Uniques

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Can you name the Diablo 2 LoD Class Specific Uniques?

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Base Item TypeUnique Version
Matriarchal Spear (Amazon)
Ceremonial Pike (Amazon)
Ceremonial Bow (Amazon)
Ceremonial Javelin (Amazon)
Matriarchal Javelin (Amazon)
Matriarchal Bow (Amazon)
Battle Cestus (Assassin)
Greater Talons (Assassin)
Wrist Sword (Assassin)
Feral Claws (Assassin)
Hierophant Trophy (Necromancer)
Bloodlord Skull (Necromancer)
Succubus Skull (Necromancer)
Slayer Guard (Barbarian)
Base Item TypeUnique Version
Fury Visor (Barbarian)
Destroyer Helm (Barbarian)
Conqueror Crown (Barbarian)
Swirling Crystal (Sorceress)
Eldritch Orb (Sorceress)
Dimensional Shard (Sorceress)
Totemic Mask (Druid)
Blood Spirit (Druid)
Sky Spirit (Druid)
Earth Spirit (Druid)
Sacred Rondache (Paladin)
Gilded Shield (Paladin)
Zakarum Shield (Paladin)

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