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To engage in sexual intercourse (v.)
A hand motion used to show enthusiasm, especially when dancing (n.)
The act of seeking out girls to hook up with (v.)
The ugly companion of a hot girl. Often considered by the wingman as 'taking one for the team' (n.)
A female stalker (n.)
A special blended cocktail containing watermelon, cranberry juice, and booze (n.)
A name for people from either Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, or New York that come to the Jersey Shore for the summer (n.)
A type of dance, often to house music (n.)
The preferred hairstyles at the Jersey Shore (n.)
The act of stealing a girl from another guy (v.)
American Italians, men or women, marked by orange tans, frosted tipped haircuts, fake nails, and excessive drinking (n.)

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