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# of letterswordDefinition
2Rough, cindery lava.
3A boy's name.
4A boy's name.
3 or 4 (depending on spelling)A girl's name.
6A girl's name.
11Fear of palindromes. (I did not make this up)
7The language spoken in Nauru.
7Someone who revives.
7Something that rotates
6To live in a den
6More red.
6The excercise of grabbing on a bar and pulling oneself up by the arms.
5Relating to a city or a type of car.
5A light, Inuit canoe.
5Various common meanings.
5A polite way to address a women.
5RAdio Detection And Ranging. (RADAR)
# of letterswordDefinition
5Various common meanings
5Long narrative stories
4Various common meanings
4Shorter version of # 17.
4A crazy person.
3A father
3A piece of cloth, worn while eating to protect food from getting on clothes.
3A female sheep.
3Mother (US)
3Mother (UK)
3Soda, an onomotopoeic word
3A small child

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