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Can you name the baseball players, mad gab style?

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Mad GabPlayerPosition
Just Invert LanderSP (Tigers)
Clate And Kersh AwSP (Dodgers)
Hose A Valve Urd AyRP (Tigers)
Air Ickle Flair HettieRP (Braves)
Yad Ee Heir Mole EenaC (Cardinals)
Jape Ee Air And See Bee UhC (Blue Jays)
Marked Ex Shera (Hard to spell took as many options as I could think of)1B (Yankees)
Just And Smoke1B (Mariners)
Dust And Act Lee2B (Mariners)
Mad GabPlayerPosition
Benz Over Ist2B (Rays)
Plass A Dope All Ang Oh3B (Phillies)
Scar Troll And3B (Reds)
Star Land Cast TroSS (Cubs)
As Drivel Cab Rare ASS (Indians)
Ahn Draith Ee ErOF (Dodgers)
Jucko Beels BerryOF (Red Sox)
Mattel A DayOF (Cardinals)

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