Touhou stage music (PC-98)

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Can you name the Touhou stage music (PC-98)?

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Stages 1-4 & 16-19 (Jigoku)HRtP
Stages 6-9 (Makai)HRtP
Stages 6-9 (Jigoku)HRtP
Stages 11-14 (Makai)HRtP
Stages 11-14 (Jigoku)HRtP
Stages 16-19 (Makai)HRtP
Stage 1SoEW
Stage 2SoEW
Stage 3SoEW
Stage 4SoEW
Stage 5SoEW
Extra StageSoEW
Stage 1 (Reimu)LLS
Stage 1 (Marisa)LLS
Stage 2LLS
Stage 3LLS
Stage 4LLS
Stage 5LLS
Stage 6LLS
Extra StageLLS
Stage 1MS
Stage 2MS
Stage 3MS
Stage 4MS
Stage 5MS
Stage 6MS
Extra StageMS

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