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Elegant lady who constantly gets herself into trouble.She goes to live with animals.
Absence makes her heart grow fonder.She lives in medieval England.
She's a manic depressive, sheltered child.She has the best hair.
She has a fascination for a world she is not allowed to enter.She's not human.
She is hated for what she is and pursued for her body.She belongs to a marginalized race.
Her old father knows not the answers.She belongs to an ancient, forgotten culture.
She wants more than just a provincial life.Great fan of books and libraries.
A bright, adventurous ambassador.She's from Eastern Europe and a mouse.
She's engaged to the son of the king.She's a feline.. a big one.
The only one who makes sense in a forest full of adult children.She's a stuffed animal.
A young woman who knows she wants something but is not sure what.She's the daughter of a great leader.
A fair princess with a shrill singing voice.Her movie's titular character.
A princess who is bored with being royalty.She lives in a city in the desert.
Everyone hates her for having a defect.She's a racer.
A young, curious girl bored with books.She has a large fantasy.
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A classy lady with a 'bad boy' for a boyfriend.She's a dog.
She must go to fetch the water everyday.She's the girlfriend of the main character.
She doesn't want to grow up.She is motherly, and dressed in pajamas.
An enchantress clad in blue.She helps the main character out with magic.
A sassy lady who can handle herself.She had her heart broken.
She fights to be recognized as a worthy person.She lives in a far eastern land.
She never gives up believing or dreaming.She marries at the end of her movie.
She meets and dances with strangers in the woods.She is rather sleepy.
She tries her best to take care of her sister.Her parents were killed in a car accident.
A wise but unfortunate mother.She dies midway through the movie.
She has a magic bauble and a princess title.She features in a very obscure Disney movie.
An older woman who stands up for her child.She's the main character's mother.
She fights to complete her and her father's dream.Her favorite condiment is tabasco sauce.
An elegant upper-class single mother.She's a feline.
Pregnant lady who doesn't put up with anyone's ****.She's married to the village leader.

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