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Math ProblemAnswerExplanation
1-2+3-4+5-6+7-8+9-10+11-12+13-14+15-16+17-18+19-20 =
The two legs of a right triangle have lengths 1cm and 20cm. The length of the hypotenuse (in cm) = √? (√ is the square root function)
List all primes between 1 and 20
If f(x) = (x^3)/6, find f''(1) + f''(2) + ... + f''(20)
Σi, i = 1…20
Σ i^2, i = 1…20
∫ x∙dx, x = 1 to x = 20
∫ {[2∙ln(x)]/x}∙dx, x = e^1…e^20
How many digits are in the product Πi, i=1…20
Find the product Π (i-5), i = 1…20

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