Pre-Chalcedonian Christian Theologians

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YearsTheologianNotable Writings
5-67Epistles to Rome, Corinth, Philippi, Colosse and others
1-100Gospel, Epistles, The Apocalypse
35-98Epistles to Ephesians, Magnesians and Others
??-99Several Epistles
69-155Certain Epistles
70-155Interpretations of the Sayings of The Lord
??-202Against Heresies
150-215Exhortation to the Greeks, Instructor, Miscellanies
??-258De Unitate Ecclesiae
YearsTheologianNotable Writings
213-270Oratio Panegyrica
293-373The Incarnation
337-397On Faith, On the Holy Ghost
330-379The Liturgy, Moralia, Askelia
335-394Spiritual Growth, Homilies
329-389Discourses and Biographies
349-407A Liturgy, Homilies, Treatises
354-430Confessions, On Christian Doctrine, On the Trinity
347-420The Vulgate, Homilies, Biographies
376-444Becoming Temples of God, Commentaries, Epistles

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